Policy on personal data protection of the participants in the licensed and organized games under the Gaming Act by WINBET

The Policy on personal data protection reflects the requirements of Regulation 2016/679 ЕU on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (“General data protection regulation” or GDPR), in connection with personal data processing and the Personal Data Protection Act, as well as other special requirements of the normative acts applicable to this activity, incl. but not limited to: the Gaming Act, the Measures Against Money Laundering Act, the sublegal normative acts, as well as the compulsory gaming terms and conditions, rules and requirements adopted by the State Commission on Gambling for the hazard games organized by the companies working under the WINBET trademark (hereinafter called “WINBET”).

The current Policy on personal data protection refers to the processing of personal data of natural persons with respect to participating and receiving cash or prize wins from the on-land games in the gaming halls, organized by the companies working under the WINBET trademark.

What information we collect and why?

We may collect personal data about you when you visit our gaming hall. In most cases we request your personal data in order to provide a service, to observe a legal obligation, or to protect our legal interest. If you do not provide us with identification details, we would not be able to provide you the relevant service. Depending on the services you are using, we may collect and process the following information about you:

When visiting an on-land gaming facility (gaming halls)

The purpose when processing your data

In most cases personal data is required to observe a legal obligation, to perform a contract, or based on a legal interest. Of course, with part of our services you yourselves are providing this information choosing and agreeing to this. The personal data we collect and process is most commonly for the following purposes:

When performing our activity we require and process data on the basis of several normatively established obligations, like:

Processing the data based on your consent

When we process your data for the purposes of directly marketing our products and services, as well as for participating in bonus games and tombolas, we shall need your express consent.

Data processing based on our legal interest

Who with can we share your personal data?

The provision of personal data in some cases is obligatory in order for us to fulfill our legal requirements. Depending on the games organized by WINBET, in which you take part, we may provide your data to the following categories of recipients:

WINBET uses third parties for assisting certain contractual activities or when performing a legal obligation. We shall not provide your personal data to third parties before we have ensured that all technical and organizational measure for protecting these data have been undertaken, while striving to exercise strict control in order to fulfill this goal. Part of these personal data recipients may be:

Information about us

The personal data of the participants in the organized games may be processed by the following controllers:

When you are taking part in on-land games in our gaming halls, the data are processed by “Casino Solutions“ ООD, UIC: 131496606, with principle office and business address in the city of Sofia, “Mladost“ region, “Mladost-2“ resid. quarters, “Saint Kipriyan“ St., bl. 292, jointly with the companies working under the WINBET trademark, in their capacity of joint controllers. While strictly observing the European and local legislation in the field of personal data, an in order to guarantee the rights of the data subjects, the companies working under the WINBET trademark, in their capacity of joint controllers, have agreed that:

Technical and organizational security measures

In order to ensure optimal level of personal data protection of the subjects, the companies working under the WINBET trademark shall jointly apply the following technical and organizations security measures by:

The companies working under the WINBET trademark have adopted procedures for effectively recognizing, reporting and investigating personal data security breaches. In the case of personal data security breach, each of the companies shall undertake immediate actions to limit the effect of the breach, as well as to inform the affected data subjects and the supervisory authority on personal data protection.

What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
Your rights

You dispose with the right to information, to access and receive a copy of your personal data processed by WINBET. If you believe that any information about you that WINBET has in its possession, is incorrect or incomplete, you may request the editing of your personal data.

You may exercise the right to rectification and updating of the personal data provided by you also by accessing your user profile on the internet page of WINBET.

Furthermore, you are entitled to:

WinBet shall fulfill requests, withdrawals and objections according to the requirements of the applicable rules on personal data protection, but these rules shall not be absolute: they are not always applicable, and it is possible to have exceptions. In response to a submitted request you must confirm your identity and/or provide additional information, which to facilitate the better understanding of your request. When you have exercised the right to access to information or to a copy of the data in machine readable format for a second time, WINBET may impose a reasonable fee based on the administrative expenses necessary for their provision.

How to exercise your rights?

Each one of the rights set forth in the law may be exercised by submitting a request for exercising the relevant right. A request for exercising the rights of the personal data subjects may be submitted in the following way:

WINBET shall provide information regarding the activities undertaken in connection with request for exercising your rights within one month from receiving the request. If necessary, this period may be extended by another two months, while taking into account the complexity and number of requests by a certain person. WINBET shall inform the person about each such extension within one month from receiving the request, while indicating the reasons for the delay. The information provided the subject, and any communication and actions on exercising the rights of the data subject shall be provided free of charge (unless there is abuse of the provided rights). We may request the provision of additional information necessary for confirming your identity when there is uncertainty related to the identity of the natural person submitting this request. WINBET shall not be obliged to respond to a request if it is unable to identify the data subject. When the request was submitted using electronic means, if possible, the information shall be provided by using electronic means, unless you have requested otherwise.

Use of cookies

WINBET collects and processes personal data through the enabled cookies, and you may find more information in the Cookies Policy on the website of WINBET.

Data protection official

The data protection official of all companies using the WINBET trademark, is lawyer Dessislava Dimitrova, esq., email: [email protected]

Updating the personal data protection policy

The current Policy may be subject to amendment by WINBET, and it was last updated on 01.09.2019. Any future amendments or addenda to this Policy shall be duly recorded.