For most people, an evening at the casino is entertainment just as much as much as a visit to the theater or attending to a sporting event is.

Like most other recreational experiences, gambling carries costs money and time, and responsible gaming means not to spend more money or time than you can reasonably afford. Unlike movies and spectator sports, however, risk of losing is part of gambling. Most of us can control that risk and know when to stop.

However, there is a risk of getting addicted to gambling, so it is important to know your options for counseling and treatment of this addiction. These options include, as follows:

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In Bulgaria, the National Revenue Agency regulates and supervises gaming activities –

Anyone who thinks they might have a gambling problem, as well as those whose social status and / or income level may make them more vulnerable to gambling and gambling addiction, may be entered in the Vulnerable Persons Register (established under Article 10d of the Gambling Act), in order to prohibit or prevent them from participating in gambling.

The entry in the Register takes place by submitting an Application to the Executive Director of the NRA by the person or their legal representative, as follows.

  • At any territorial unit of the NRA;
  • electronically at [email protected], signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES ), Subject: Entry in a register/deletion from the register of vulnerable persons, in order to prohibit or prevent them from participating in gambling.

The request for entry in the Register may indicate a period for which the entry shall be made, which may not be shorter than two years.

Deletion from the register is possible at request by the registered person by submitting a new Request to the Executive Director of the NRA when the term of entry has expired, and if not specified – after two years of the initial entry.

Samples of the request forms are available at the NRA website.

Officials, appointed by the Executive Director of the National Revenue Agency, as well as employees appointed by the organizers of gambling (Art. 10d, para. 2 of the Gambling Act) have access to this register.

For the period from 12 December 2020 to 12 December 2022, the keeping of a register of vulnerable persons under Art. 10d of the Gambling Act, as well as access to it has been suspended. This is stated in the amendments to the Gambling Act, promulgated in State Gazette, issue 104 of December 8, 2020.

During this period, the NRA has no obligation to make new entries and deletions in the register under Art. 10d of Gambling Act, as well as to notify the organizers of the persons already included in the register. For the period of deferral there is no obligation for the gambling operators not to allow the persons included in the register to participate in the gambling games. (

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